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Venus in Gemini

Venus moves into Gemini on June 8th and this is going to mix things up in the love department. In this episode, Stephanie and her sister Kjell chat about dating while Venus is in Gemini and all things love. 

Transformation- Pluto Rx Low Down

Pluto the god of the underworld is going into retrograde on April 24th. What does this mean for you? In this episode, I share how you can use this energy to step into your true self and transform you life.

Sacred Feminine

In this episode, I share how I learned how to heal my own sacred feminine energy. 

Venus in Pisces Transit

Have you ever met someone and ignored all of the warning signs as to them being compatible with you because you just wanted them to be the right person? Have you ever become so punch drunk in love with a person that you couldn't see all of the red flags? This is so Venus in Pisces! In this episode, I will share what to look out for and how to keep yourself from falling into this trap during this transit. 

Energy Vampires

In this episode, Kjell and I tackle energy vampires. You know those people who seem like they are friends but they actually suck the life out of you. We discuss how to listen to your intuition when you meet them, red flags, and how to break up with them.

Stephanie Cotton is a Transformational Life Coach, Astrologer, and Published Writer in Durham, NC

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Episode #21 Sacral Chakra

In this episode, the Caffeinated Gypsy shares an introduction to the sacral chakra. This information is taken from her book Light it Up. She goes into all of the characteristics of the sacral chakra as well as signs of an open, closed, and overactive sacral chakra. If you have been struggling with body issues, control issues, creativity, and self-worth, this is an episode you won't' want to miss!

Stephanie is a Transformational Life Coach, Energy Healer, and Author located in Durham, North Carolina.

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Should we open it up?

In this episode, the Caffeinated Gypsy and her husband take on the subject of having an open marriage. In this very real and open conversation, they talk about their own exploration on the subject of open marriage and how they feel about it. They talk about the way society views marriage and the expectations that are put upon us in our relationships and how it isn't always realistic. Also how honest communication is key to any relationship.

Stephanie Cotton a.k.a is a Transformational Life Coach and writer located in Durham North Carolina 

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Let it Burn- Week 2 of Root Chakra

In this episode, the Caffeinated Gypsy explores week 2 of her Chakra workbook Light it Up. She explains how squatting helps open up the root chakra and how to create a burning ritual to release trauma from the root chakra. 

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Find your Soul’s Calling

In this episode, the Caffeinated Gypsy discusses her journey to finding her soul's calling and shares tips on how anyone can find theirs as well. She will also explain how fear and judgment hold most people back from following their soul's calling.  

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Root Chakra Exploration Week 1

In this episode, we will explore the first section of the Chakra Workbook Light It Up!

The Caffeinated Gypsy will dive into what the root chakra is, where it's located, how to assess if it's open or closed,  and how children and ancestral trauma has an impact on this chakra. She will also take you through week 1 of the exercises presented in week one of her book. She will give insight into these exercises and shares that she will be also doing these activities in the weeks to come. 

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