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Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2019

In this episode, I share all the deets on the upcoming solar eclipse in cancer. This eclipse is going to usher in healing on a deep level and rapid change. 

Changing Direction

Finding your souls path sometimes requires us to change direction a lot! In this episode,I share my journey to listening to my soul and how changing direction has lead me to where I am now. If you are looking for your purpose in this world or feeling lost, this is the episode for you. 

Empath Problems

This episode if for all my people who are empaths or who are just realalizing they may be an empath. It can be so difficult to take on all of the energy and emotions of everyone around you. It can be even more difficult trying to figure out how to stay healthy and sane while this is happening. I share my experience of learning to work with my empath abiliites and tips to protect your energy. Your energy is precious and should be treated like gold so you will want to listen to this episode!.

New Moon & Mercury Rx All in Pisces 2019

In this episode, I give you my take on Mercury rx in Pisces and all of the Pisces energy we are feeling right now.  Also how this all ties in to your chakras. There is a lot going on and I share my take on it all!

Moon Magic

This episode is your guide to moon magic. Have you ever wondered how the moon cycles work or how to use the moon to charge your crystals? This episode has got your covered. The caffeinated gypsy shares her knowledge on how to work with the magic of the moon. There is even some discussion on how to make moon water on the full moon, how to make crystal charged coffee, and how to make coffee with moon water. She even shares tips on how to charge and clean your crystals with the moon cycles. There is also a special announcement about the Traveling Moon circle that is starting in 2019 and the caffeinated gypsy Alchemist Business Program. 

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The Bodyastrologer

Listening to the flow-Kelly Sherman L.Ac. CHN

In this episode, the Caffeinated Gypsy chats with Kelly Sherman acupuncturist, holistic nutritionist, and astrologer. They dive into why it's so hard for us to slow down these days yet how necessary it is. Kelly shares her tips for how she works with her clients when it comes to slowing down and connecting with self. They also explore how important self-care and self-love is in a world that is constantly telling us to do more.


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New Moon Rituals

In this episode the Caffeinated Gypsy shares her take on new moon rituals. With so much information out there it can be hard to know what you should do. She shares how she goes about working with the moon cycles and different ways to approach rituals. She also shares her favorite money ritual for the new moon. This episode will help you find your rhythm in working with the moon cycles. 

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Finding Your Spirit Guides

In this episode, the Caffeinated Gypsy shares her own experience on how she found her spirit guides and tips on how you can connect with your own spirit guides. 


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Light it up!

This episode the Caffeinated Gypsy shares her book Light it up and invites listeners to share in this 28 week journey into the chakras. Each week she will share the journal prompt and activity for the week and share her experience with these activities. This is series in the podcast is for anyone who is working through the book or who wants to join in on the journey. You don't have to have the book to listen as the Caffeinated Gypsy will read each activity every week. 

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Plant Medicine, Womb Healing, & Sex

In this episode, I speak with Katie Cotton a Holistic Health Practitioner and Womb Healing Facilitator in Washington. Katie and I explore several taboo subjects in this interview . We discuss how to heal trauma in the womb space and how this work has changed both of our lives. We also dive into plant medicine and how it can be used for trauma, anxiety, and to be more present in your day to day life. Finally we discuss sex and how we are striving to take the shame and stigma away from this with our own children.


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All Information in this podcast is for entertainment only and should not be taken as medical advice. 

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