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Full Moon in Taurus Nov 2019

Full Moon in Taurus is going to bring us a much needed break from some of the challenges Mercury in Rx has brought. There are several positive aspects to this full moon that will allow us to trust our instincts and feelings. This is a great full moon for business dealings, sex, and sports. Saturn trine with this full moon will also help give you emotional strength to release anything that has been holding you back. It's going to be a positive full moon! Go get all of the details in this episode.


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Those Karmic Patterns

Karmic patterns always show up and we can't stop them. In this episode, I share my recent experience of this happening. 

New Moon in Aries- Step into Yourself

Y’all know I wasn’t gonna leave you hanging with a fiery new moon like this! This new moon in Aries is begging us to come home to ourselves. We are being called to step into our true self. This fire is so strong we can’t even help it. This episode, is all about how we can start setting those intentions to step into our true self and soul calling.

New Moon & Mercury Rx All in Pisces 2019

In this episode, I give you my take on Mercury rx in Pisces and all of the Pisces energy we are feeling right now.  Also how this all ties in to your chakras. There is a lot going on and I share my take on it all!

Working with Planets

In this episode, I share how you can work with the energy of the cosmos. There is a misconception that the energy of the cosmos is happening to us. We often get caught up in feeling like the energy is bad or is working against us. The truth of the matter is it's all just energy and when we learn how to work with the energy it can make life much easier. 

Stephanie Cotton is a Transformational Life Coach, Astrologer, and Published Auther in Durham, NC.

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Mercury in Rx- Don’t be Scared!

In this episode, I break down Mercury in Rx and how to work with this energy. Mercury in Rx is a very misunderstood energy. Yes, it can be challenging but it's not the devil it can often be made out to be. I take some time in this episode to break down how to work with this energy so that you are able to flow with the current instead of against it. I also explain exactly how this energy works and give dates so you know when this starts and ends. 

Stephanie Cotton is a Transformational Life Coach, Astrologer, and Published Writer in Durham, NC.

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Leo Full Moon-All the feels

In this episode, I share a recap of the full moon in Leo/lunar eclipse that occurred Jan 20-21 2019. Eclipses are a time of great change and offer us the opportunity to release so we can grow. It can be a time when we feel very emotional and past trauma may resurface. I share my own personal experience in working with this full moon as well as share insight into what others may be feeling. I also share my experience holding a moon circle on the full moon/eclipse.


Gypsy Jule Mercantile.

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Stephanie Cotton is a Transformational Life Coach, Astrology Enthusiast, and Published Author in Durham NC. Learn more about her;

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Moon Magic

This episode is your guide to moon magic. Have you ever wondered how the moon cycles work or how to use the moon to charge your crystals? This episode has got your covered. The caffeinated gypsy shares her knowledge on how to work with the magic of the moon. There is even some discussion on how to make moon water on the full moon, how to make crystal charged coffee, and how to make coffee with moon water. She even shares tips on how to charge and clean your crystals with the moon cycles. There is also a special announcement about the Traveling Moon circle that is starting in 2019 and the caffeinated gypsy Alchemist Business Program. 

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The Bodyastrologer

Listening to the flow-Kelly Sherman L.Ac. CHN

In this episode, the Caffeinated Gypsy chats with Kelly Sherman acupuncturist, holistic nutritionist, and astrologer. They dive into why it's so hard for us to slow down these days yet how necessary it is. Kelly shares her tips for how she works with her clients when it comes to slowing down and connecting with self. They also explore how important self-care and self-love is in a world that is constantly telling us to do more.


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New Moon Rituals

In this episode the Caffeinated Gypsy shares her take on new moon rituals. With so much information out there it can be hard to know what you should do. She shares how she goes about working with the moon cycles and different ways to approach rituals. She also shares her favorite money ritual for the new moon. This episode will help you find your rhythm in working with the moon cycles. 

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