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Heart Chakra Week 2

In this episode I cover week 2 of the heart chakra from my book Light it Up. 

New Moon in Aries- Step into Yourself

Y’all know I wasn’t gonna leave you hanging with a fiery new moon like this! This new moon in Aries is begging us to come home to ourselves. We are being called to step into our true self. This fire is so strong we can’t even help it. This episode, is all about how we can start setting those intentions to step into our true self and soul calling.

Changing Direction

Finding your souls path sometimes requires us to change direction a lot! In this episode,I share my journey to listening to my soul and how changing direction has lead me to where I am now. If you are looking for your purpose in this world or feeling lost, this is the episode for you. 

Full Moon in Virgo 2019

In this episode, I geek out on astrology and talk about the full moon in Virgo. This moon is pushing us straight into our soul's path and it is crazy powerful! If you have had a feeling like something is coming but you are not sure what it is, you must listen to this episode. I also discuss how to work with this energy and what to expect during mercury retrograde. 

Stephanie Cotton is a Transformational Life Coach, Astrologer, and Published Writer.

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Fitness by the Moon

In this episode, I chat with the Body Astrology a.k.a Claire Gallagher who is a Chinese Medical Practitioner, Medical Astrologer, and Strength and Conditioning guru. Claire shares how she has created her unique strength and conditioning program that follows the cycles of the moon called Moon Rx. This episode will have you thinking about fitness in a whole new way. Make sure you listen all the way to the end for a special gift that Claire is offering to all of my listeners for the next month!

Claire Gallagher is a Chinese Medical Practitioner, Medical Astrologer, and Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Moon Rx

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Stephanie Cotton a.k.a the Caffeinated Gypsy is a Transformational Life Coach, Astrology Enthusiast, and Published Author located in Durham,NC

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You are the Magic!

It can be difficult trying to share your gifts with a world where nothing seems original. It can leave you feeling inferior or have you suffering from self-doubt. In this episode, the Caffeinated Gypsy shares her journey into becoming a life coach and how she has navigated the profession blow up over the past 7 years. She shares very candidly how she got into the profession back in 2007 and how she has worked through self-doubt and finding her place in this profession. She also shares how you can stand out in the world by sharing your own gifts and just being you.


Stephanie Cotton is a transformational life coach and author located in Durham, North Carolina. You learn more about her at

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Moon Magic

This episode is your guide to moon magic. Have you ever wondered how the moon cycles work or how to use the moon to charge your crystals? This episode has got your covered. The caffeinated gypsy shares her knowledge on how to work with the magic of the moon. There is even some discussion on how to make moon water on the full moon, how to make crystal charged coffee, and how to make coffee with moon water. She even shares tips on how to charge and clean your crystals with the moon cycles. There is also a special announcement about the Traveling Moon circle that is starting in 2019 and the caffeinated gypsy Alchemist Business Program. 

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