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Full Moon in Gemini Dec 2019

The full moon in Gemini is the last full moon of the year that will end the eclipse season we have been in for the last 6 months. This moon will call attention to our relationships and help restore karmic balance in our life. The full moon will offer us an opportunity to release what is no longer working for us in our relationships and call attention to what areas of our relationships are no longer working for us. This is going to be a powerful moon! Listen to the full episode to get all of the details.

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Heart Chakra Week 3

The heart chakra is the chakra where we give and recieve love. When this chakra is damanged, blocked, or guarded we have dropping giving and recieving love. In this episode, I talk about week 3 of my Chakra workbook Light It Up. 

Sacral Chakra Week 2

In this episode, I explore the second week of my book Light it Up! I take you on a journey a little deeper into the sacral chakra. I explain how the planets and zodiac have an effect on the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune and the zodiacs Sagittarius and Pisces. Each having a yin/yang effect on the chakra. The sacral chakra is home to our emotions, creativity, and feminine energy. The planet Jupiter helps us to expand and grow. It is difficult to do this when our energy is blocked preventing us from growing. The planet Neptune rules illusions and creativity. It is easy to see why we are able to create illusions about ourselves so easily. When the sacral chakra is blocked we often have illusions about what we think we are or what we look like. We create barriers and walls that prevent us from growing creatively as well.

In this podcast, I explain that right now both Jupiter and Neptune are stationed in their ruling zodiacs of Sagittarius and Pisces. This means that 2019 is a great year to dig deep into the sacral chakra and heal the trauma that is there. This year is primed for creative expansion and healing. It is also a good time to explore your own natal birth chart and see what you are bringing into this life astrologically.

The activities for this week are to give yourself a massage. The activity of giving yourself a massage is a step towards getting comfortable in your own body. It allows you to start feeling your body and making yourself feel good. This can be uncomfortable at first but it’s an activity you will hopefully grow to love.

The journal assignment for this week is to journal about your emotions. As soon as you wake up in the morning note how you feel. Write down any strong emotions that come about during the day. Notice if you have control over your emotions or if you have trouble showing your emotions. You can even take this a step further and track your emotions with the moon cycle.

There will be a solar and lunar eclipse this month with I will be talking about later this week.

Stephanie Cotton is a Transformational Life Coach, Astrologer Enthusiast, and Published writer in Durham NC. 

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Sacral Chakra Week 1

In this weeks episode, the Caffeinated Gypsy shares the first week of the Sacral chakra from her book Light it Up! The sacral chakra is the area where most people hold their emotions and trauma. It can be difficult to connect to this area much less heal it. The caffeinated gypsy shares a meditation to start working with and healing this chakra as well as two exercises to help open and heal the sacral chakra. She also shares crystals and essential oils you can use when working with the sacral chakra.

Stephanie Cotton is a transformational life coach that specializes in chakra healing and astrology. 

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Episode #21 Sacral Chakra

In this episode, the Caffeinated Gypsy shares an introduction to the sacral chakra. This information is taken from her book Light it Up. She goes into all of the characteristics of the sacral chakra as well as signs of an open, closed, and overactive sacral chakra. If you have been struggling with body issues, control issues, creativity, and self-worth, this is an episode you won't' want to miss!

Stephanie is a Transformational Life Coach, Energy Healer, and Author located in Durham, North Carolina.

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Light it up!

This episode the Caffeinated Gypsy shares her book Light it up and invites listeners to share in this 28 week journey into the chakras. Each week she will share the journal prompt and activity for the week and share her experience with these activities. This is series in the podcast is for anyone who is working through the book or who wants to join in on the journey. You don't have to have the book to listen as the Caffeinated Gypsy will read each activity every week. 

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Plant Medicine, Womb Healing, & Sex

In this episode, I speak with Katie Cotton a Holistic Health Practitioner and Womb Healing Facilitator in Washington. Katie and I explore several taboo subjects in this interview . We discuss how to heal trauma in the womb space and how this work has changed both of our lives. We also dive into plant medicine and how it can be used for trauma, anxiety, and to be more present in your day to day life. Finally we discuss sex and how we are striving to take the shame and stigma away from this with our own children.


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All Information in this podcast is for entertainment only and should not be taken as medical advice. 

No Sex=Better Sex?

In this episode, the caffeinated gypsy and her husband Eric delve into a subject most people don't want to talk about, their sex life.  They share their own personal experience of almost getting divorced 2x over the past 20 years together and how taking the expectation of having sex out of their marriage not only helped saved it but made their sex life even better.

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